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Rhode Island Nurses In Action: Yetunde Shittu

Posted 26 days ago by Sadye Savoir

RI Nurses In Action                                                                                                                     

Yetunde Shittu

MSN: University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth c/o 2014


Why did you choose nursing?

I love to care for people

What was your career path? 

I started in Med surg as an RN, then became a gerontology certified Nurse Practitioner. I developed an interest in GI and become GI Nurse Practitioner. I have done a lot of work treating patients with Hepatitis C and now I am an Advanced Liver Disease coordinator.  I work to ensure patients with Advanced Liver Disease get appropriate screenings and care. Am currently in the DNP program at Rhode Island College. What was your career path? 

What do you find most satisfying about your current nursing role / activity?

Patients expressing satisfaction with the care they received 

What is a non-work- related activity that brings you joy?

Listening to gospel music 

What is one thing you don't think the general public understands about Nursing generally or about your field of nursing specifically?  To be a Registered Nurse takes all of your energy. Nurses must give 100% to provide excellent care- It is a high standard that we hold for ourselves.  

Yetunde Shittu is a Gastrointestinal Nurse Practitioner, specializing in the care of people with Advanced Liver Disease.  She works at the VA in Providence, RI. She is eager to talk with newer nurses about their professional journey, especially the care of persons with Hepatitis C.  She can be reached at 

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