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Rhode Island Nurses In Action: Lynne Simpson

Posted 29 days ago by Sadye Savoir

Rhode Island Nurses In Action                                                                                                                  

Lynne Simpson

BSN: Rhode Island College, c/o 1985
MSN: Capella University, c/o 2021 (Nursing Informatics)

Why did you choose nursing?

I chose nursing because it seemed like a great combination of the sciences applied in a way to help people.  

What was your career path?

I always wanted to be a pediatric nurse, but in 1985 all the “candy stripers” had first dibs on those jobs so I started in the adult world on a med/surg floor. When I didn’t pass my boards, I was put in the float pool as a graduate nurse and worked mainly in the adult Surgical ICU... things do happen for a reason. I loved the ICU and all the critical skills I learned qualified me for the PACU setting where I presently remain as a staff nurse. In 2014, along with being a staff nurse, I became the Perioperative Epic (EMR) Liaison for 3 of our hospitals at Lifespan. I enjoyed this temporary position so much that I went back to school in 2017 for my MSN with an Informatics specialty in which I just completed. I continue to be active in informatics in our area and hope to expand and implement my degree in the future. 

What do you find most satisfying about your current nursing role / activity?

Presently, I mostly work in the preoperative area, where I am able to spend time with patients before their surgery and help them transition to the next step which is the operating room. I also enjoy helping OR nurses and surgeons with their computer issues while in the preop. 

What is a non-work- related activity that brings you joy?

Kayaking, photography, and Barre class. Hoping to begin golfing in the near future. 

What is one thing you don't think the general public understands about Nursing generally or about your field of nursing specifically?

I don’t think patients understand how much we advocate for them, whether it is in before or after surgery.  Those conversations usually happen away from the bedside.  I don’t think they understand how important and skilled nurses are/have to be now with informatics/ electronic medical records. 

Lynne Simpson is a Registered Nurse at Lifespan in Surgical Services. She is eager to talk with Nurses about Perioperative Nursing and Nursing Informatics  (or golf or Barre!)  She can be reached at

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