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A call to Learn and Act:

Posted 4 months ago by Sadye Savoir

I am proud to be a part of American Nurses Association, an organization with a rich history of Nursing contributions from many backgrounds.  The ANA has recently launched a national commission to address racism in Nursing, and information about this Commission can be found here: Press Statement Announcing Launch of National Commission to Address Racism in Nursing

The project goal is to make visible the role of nurses of color (past and present) in shaping professional nursing and healthcare outcomes.     

As a RI Nurse,  you can follow this campaign on Facebook. The Nurses You Should Know page can be accessed here 

Please make it a priority to consider your nursing colleagues who, historically, have been underrepresented.  Learn about some amazing women who have had amazing impacts on our profession. Act to ensure your colleagues are lifted up and equally appreciated and supported. 



Leigh Hubbard, MS, RN  (she/her/hers)
President,  ANA- RI
Clinical Manager,  Open Door Health
Co-Founder, MainstayRI