ANA Survey of 14K Nurses Finds Access to PPE Remains a Top Concern

Posted 4 months ago

June 3, 2020

SILVER SPRING, MD – Access to a sufficient supply of PPE to care safely for patients with COVID-19 remains a top concern of nurses, according to new survey findings released today by the American Nurses Association (ANA).  

According to the findings, almost half of nurses say they have experienced a shortage of PPE. The vast majority of nurses, 79 percent, said they are required or encouraged to reuse single-use PPE, like N95 masks, and 59 percent said this made them feel unsafe. Additionally, more nurses reported that their facilities are decontaminating N95 masks, another practice that nurses said does not make them feel safe.

ANA’s latest survey offers fresh insights from nurses on the current state of the availability, reuse, and decontamination practices of personal protective equipment (PPE). More than 14,000 nurses responded to the survey, reflecting their experiences during the past two weeks. The nurses work in urban and rural areas and across a variety of health care settings, ranging from large urban and suburban hospitals to long-term and ambulatory care settings.  READ MORE